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is the former u.s. ambassador to russia. or crimea. it's hard to tell at this point. please welcome ambassador michael mcfaul. (applause) mr. ambassador thank you so much for coming on. now ambassador that say great title. you get to hold on to that even if you are not ambassador any more? >> technically but now i'm professor. >> stephen: your excellency. >> if you want to call me that, that would be happy. >> stephen: that is really nice. i would have cards printed up. okay. now as i said you were former u.s. ambassador to russia. an architect of president obama's reset policy there. i hear that term a lot. what does reset mean? because we seem like we're reset to the cold war with russia. >> which i'm in favor of, what was the intention of our reset with russia? >> well back in 200 when president obama used that term the first time, the idea was very simple. that we have some common interest with russia. and if we engage with them f we talk to them we can achieve those outcomes so getting rid of nuclear weapons, sanctions on iran, supplying our troops in afghanistan through russia or increas
around who we don't know about? >> matthew, my cousin. he's an expert on russia. my mom and dad, too. love you, too. kristen welker is up next with "the daily rundown." >> where's chuck? >> in the philippines. >>> high alert. dozens of tornadoes tear through the heart of the country, killing 18 and leaving a path of destruction. and the threat isn't over for some states this morning. meantime, shocking racial comments allegedly by an nba owner shake the entire league and even prompt a response from president obama on the other side of the world. >> and pope francis sends two of his predecessors into sainthood. we'll get the very latest on the ground outside the vatican. and a very good morning to you from washington. it's monday, april 28, 2014. this is "the daily rundown." i'm kristen welker in for chuck todd, who is still traveling with the president and will join us from manila. but we start with the worst tornado outbreaks this year. 18 people have been killed and more storms are threatening communities in tennessee and mississippi at this very hour. this is what's left in the wa
sanction on russia as soon as tomorrow. because of its failure to de-escalate the situation in ukraine. for the latest we bring in fox news live from eastern ukraine. leland. >> chris, the president has been trying to walk a very fine line in this crisis keeping the europeans involved with these sanctions, while at the same time making the sanctions tough enough that moscow notices it and perhaps walks back some of the threats to invade ukraine. he spoke to that point earlier today. sfroo we're going to be in a stronger position to deter mr. putin when he sees that the world is unified and the united states and europe is unified rather than this is just a u.s., russian conflict. >> this tough talk has not changed many on the ground. the pro-russian separatists still hold a number of hostages, including eye group of international monitors that they paraded out in front of a press conference today calling them "prisoners of war." the russian foreign minister has said she will try and help get these people freed and use his country's influence. so far that is proved to either be an empty
is very concerned at how russia will respond to any use of force by these men. in the next town, artemisk, a demonstration in favor of russia. it's a small crowd although they do seem to have some support on the sidelines. pro-russians, control the government building in donetske, they had an unexpected visitor one of russia's most wealthy men, now trying to mediate in ukraine. but they call him a tak take itr antaketraitor andtell him to go. in donetske, took over the television station. and the police, such allies of the government in kyiv, stood by and watched it happen. but the largest crowds of the day were in the cemeteries. the days of the dead when the people go to meet their ancestors' spirits, natalia wonders. >> my relatives would be shocked if they could see what was happening. they would say you have to fight for our blood, in ukraine. my brother lives in russia and i live here. i'm worried my son will be taken into the army. >> she's part of the silent majority that wants peace. a majority that feels powerless to stop the drift. barnaby phillips, ukraine. >>> tens of thousan
western sanctions against russia, pro russian forces publicly displayed the eight european military observers they had been holding prisoner for three days. the staged event unfolded in the eastern ukrainian city of slavyansk, holly williams is there. >> reporter: the european military observant were paraded in front of the international media today by the self-appointed separatist mayor of slavyansk, the town where they are being held. german colonel axle schneider and his team appeared tense and unhappy. >> we have no indication when we will be sent home. >> reporter: they said they were being treated well and showed no sign of injury. it was impossible to tell if they were under duress, though at times they sounded scripted. >> it breaks our hearts to see the poverty of the people here. >> reporter: there was no need to guess how these men were being treated. they're captured ukrainian soldiers also being held in slavyansk. the town's new mayor vyacheslav ponomaryov told us that the european observers are spies. and he wants to swap them for militants held by ukraine's government
. the league has owners from india, russia, south-east asia, they are a global league. they view race relations differently. when you see something like this come out and it goes global and viral, they are looking at how the commission will deal with this. they think about do they want to be a part of something like this. the league is trying to go global. >> smith thought a boycott would not be a good idea and fans should wait for the investigation. now to the crisis in ukraine. pro-russian supporters took over a television station. germany is condemning the parading of european observers kidnapped on friday. pro-russian militias released one, several others are in custody. russian militia captured three ukrainian special forces officers and they, too, were shown to the media. barnaby phillips has more from near donetsk in eastern ukraine. >> reporter: the european military observers were paraded before cameras by the self-ponded major -- appointed mayor of slovyansk, vechislav ponomaryov. they are in no position to complain about what happened to them. >> we are not prisoners of war, but the
against russia is not enough to deter russian president vladimir putin. >> reporter: good evening, harris, for the fifth straight day, this asia trip was dominated by the crisis in ukraine. the president again vowing there will be consequences for russian president vladimir putin as the u.s. prepares another round of u.s. sanctions aimed at russia that could be unveiled back in the united states as early as tomorrow. but at a news conference here in malaysian. the president was pressed why he was not working forward with or without european allies on so-called sectoral sanctions. the president pushed back by saying this. >> we're going to be in a stronger position to deter mr. putin when he sees the world is unified and the united states and europe is unified rather than this is just a u.s.-russian conflict. >> reporter: now a series of top republicans in recent days have been charging for all the president's talk these sanctions have simply not changed the calculus for vladimir putin. >> what i fear is all we're doing is tweaking votes and i'm very concerned as we've seen from this admin
is very concerned at how russia will respond to any use of force by these men. >> in the next town, a demonstration in favor of russia it's a small crowd although they do seem to have some support on the sidelines russians control room the buildings. they had an unexpected visito, once one of members of the jury before he fell out with vladimir putin, now trying to mediate. they call him a traitor and tell him to go away. in donetsk armed pro-russians took over the t.v. station. the ukrainian police, such unreliable allies of the government in kiev stood by and watched it happen. the largest crowds of the day were in the cemeteries. this is the day of the dead, when people go to meet their ancestors' spirits. nat natalia warns her dead relatives and wonders what they would make of all of this chaos >> translator: my relatives would be shocked if they could see what is happening. they would say: you have to fight for ukraine. my brother lives in russia, and i live here. i am afraid of war, and a war that my son will be taken into the army. >> she is part of the silent majority th
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for the pro-russia rebels said no others will be released on sunday. they were all paraded before a group of foreign journalists early on sunday morning. speaking on behalf of the group, watched, colonel schneider from germany said there had been no wrong treatment. >> i can tell you that the work the word of is a -- the mayor is a word of honor. we have not been touched, and we have been treated as the maximum extent, which is possible, under thie circumstances. >> schneider rejected allegations the inspectors were nato spies, saying that they were in ukraine on a diplomatic mission. mayor hasppointed said the observers might be released in exchange for jailed activists. we understand that the soldiers are hostages of the situation. three members of ukraine's security service have been captured. the armed insurgents claim they are on a mission to save the latest of the pro-russian force. they, too, were presented to the press but only to russian journalists. is seeking then release of all captives. beenr correspondent has covering events and joins us on the line. wasswedish observer rele
to sterling at this point? >> it goes beyond the american borders. the league has owners from india, russia, south-east asia and it is a global league. they view our race relations in the united states differently. when you see something like this come out and it goes global and viral, they are looking at how the commissioner will deal with this. they think about it differently. do they want to be a part of something like this, and the league is trying to go global. >> charles smith former l.a. clippers player, thank you for coming in. >>> we had our first look at european observers being head. captives made them available to reporters. one was freed, the rest are under arrest. barnaby phillips has the details. . >> reporter: the european observers were paraded before the cameras. they are in no position to complain about what has happened. >> we are not prisoners of war, we are the guests of mayor vechislav ponomaryov. and we are treated as such. >> at least they were able to show their families they are alive and well. later, an observer from sweden was released on grounds of ill health.
weapons. ukraine and russia's actions. how much impact do you think those messages from the pontiff play? >> i think it will have a tremendous impact, but again, i don't know what's going on behind the scenes. one of the things you can relate to john xxiii, he also had a say in the cuban missile crisis. and because of his involvement behind the scenes, he became "time" man of the year. the same way pope francis garnered this attention as a peace-maker. >> you have a catholic president, i don't know if it has the same impact on president obama facing a lot of these issues, but today is a blessing for many who celebrate this elevation. and i am celebrating because i have just learned, may i say? that our beautiful lauren green just met her prince. i'm sorry, fellas, to break it do you. i'm thrilled for you, lauren. you are so wonderful and you have a heart of gold. and he better be worthy of you. >> his name is ted. >> ted, congratulations to you as well. i'll get back to you with my full analysis. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >>> family and friends have had to say good-byes. we
. >> collectively us and the europeans have said that so long as russia are continues down the path of oh provocation rath arer than trying to deescalate there will be consequences. they will continue to grow. >> i want to bring in congressman engel, ranking member of the foreign affairs committee. just returned from ukraine. let's start with president obama. there is talk about consequences. what kind of consequence is he the talking about? what consequences do russia face? >> talk thing about sanctions. what putin is doing is dangerous. the world cannot sit by. if the world does, nato is dead. nato has to react. there are countries in the area that are worried about putin stirring up russians in the country. >> are are the stiffer sanctions which are going to take effect, can they change the calculus. >> iran is now sitting down and negotiating with the united states in the west. we imposed sanctions on them. the sanctions hurt their economy. they are essentially brought to your knees and russia will face the same if putin continues the aggression. >> you got back from the crew yan. i u
newsroom." >>> president obama says the world must unite to show its disapproval of russia's actions in ukraine. speaking from malaysia today, the president said an international coalition is needed to avoid the perception that this is strictly a u.s. versus russia issue. >> it's important for us to take further steps, sending a message to russia that the kind of destabilizing activities that are taking place in the east and the south ukraine have to stop. >> moscow has refused to pull back thousands of troops at the ukrainian border and have denied flying military aircraft into ukraine's air space. >>> all right. here in the u.s., residents in several states are bracing for a possible outbreak of severe weather today. this could include tornadoes. we've already seen warnings and watches in several states. jennifer gray is in the cnn weather center. jennifer, we're starting to see activity percolate, right? >> yes. we're already watching this line continuing to push to the north and east. these are moving to the north and east at about 55 miles per hour. these are very fast moving st
. >>> good to have you with us. pro-russia government has released someone after two days in the ukraine. the swedish national was apparently released because he suffers from diabetes, but seven colleagues are held hostage as barnaby phillips reports. >> reporter: the european military observers were paraded before cameras. they are in no position to complain about what has happened to them. >> we are not prisoners of war. we are the guests of the mayor. we'll be treated as such. >> reporter: at least they could show their families their alive and well, and later one observer from sweden was released on grounds of ill health. others have not been treated so kindly. these three men were captured by pro-russian government near slovyansk, ukrainian intelligence officers. this is what they looked like after their interrogation. on the road into slovyansk, the ukrainian army. it is not a town under siege, but the soldiers are working to prevent more weapons from coming in. this is the ukrainian army trying to show it's in control, but throughout the crisis its approach has typically been hesi
. this as growing concerns over whether russia will continue to defy the international community and move ahead with its own troops. let's go now to ukraine where leland vister is standing by wih more. >> reporter: uma, just in the past few minutes we have learned from the pro-russian stronghold that one of those international observers was released on medical grounds. we're not sure exactly what the circumstances were, but there's a spokeswoman for the pro-russian militia that says none of the other observers are going anywhere. today they were paraded out in front of the media at a press conference of sorts. the leader of that pro-russian separatist militia called them, quote, prisoners of war, and was holding them and wanted to exchange them for some of his supporters being held by the ukrainian government in kiev. so far no deal on that front. the russian foreign minister has said that he plans to try and help get these guys released. once again though it appears the russians promises have not been made good on as this has been status quo as this crisis continues. day three right now of the
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>> pro-russia rebels sees control of the state television building in eastern ukraine. >> hello, this is al jazeera live from doha. coming up in the show, taking the blame, south korea's prime minister resigns over his government's bungled handling of the ferry disaster. ♪ >> thousands gather in vatican city as two former popes are declared saints plus 20 years, on, we examine how life has changed since south africa's black majority since the end of aparthe apartheid. antigovernment activists stormed the state television headquarters in eastern ukraine. they are demanding russian television charges be put back on air in the self-declared republic big of donetsk. separatists say they will hold a refer endum on breaking away from ukraine on may the 11th. the leader of the group of the osc says they have they are being treated as guests. eight international monitor did are being held in the besieged city for two days, paul brennan reports >> reporter: on saturday, he said they were prisoners of war. now, the self-declared mayor of separatist slovyansk can't quite decide whether t
, then they need to get serious about it, and so far the sanctions that have been imposed on russia are not serious. the prospect is the ones to be announced tomorrow will not be serious either, and, therefore, will have no effect. >> you talk about serious action. what do you think we should do. we have a point about the economy. standard & poor's cut their rating on friday. the interest rates are now 7.5% and the russian stock market is down 14.5% and putin just like says so what. >> two things. number one. what's causing the economic impact in russia is not the sanctions. it's the uncertainty and risk associated with the conduct of military operations in and around ukraine. you know the own payment, capital is a coward, the greatest pacifist in the world are capitalists who don't like the risk. let's also not forget that the economy and ukraine is going into the tank as well. so i think putin calculates that whatever the wounds he's suffering economically, temporary and can be overcome. which is why if the west is serious it needs to up its game, both politically and economically. >> we've got t
, the ukrainian navy was no match to russia's display of power. with less men and equipment now, it's hard to see how there could be any resistance if russians were once again to show up at their doorstep. hamid, al jazeera, southeast ukraine. >>> be sure to stay with al jazeera america for the latest developments in ukraine, not to mention the reactions to two entirely new saints and the rest of today's top stories, you can always like us on facebook by simply searching al jazeera america. south korea's prime minister resigned today over his government's handling of the tragic ferry sinking. he is the highest ranking official to lose his job in the wake of this disaster and his resignation comes after relatives of the victims say the government mis handled that accident and they really didn't do enough to rescue or to protect their loved ones >> the right thing for me to do is to take responsibility and resign as a person who was in charge of the cabinet. on behalf of the government, i apologize for many problems from the prevention of the accident to the early handling of the disaster >> meanti
, president obama had to deal with the escalating conflict in russia at every turn. >> with respect to russia and ukraine, uniformly condemning russia's actions. >> reporter: it's the country he once banked on building closer ties to. remember this moment? >> after my election, i have more flexibility. >> reporter: but now, obama finds relations with vladimir putin at a new low. he prepares to slap a new rounds of sanctions early to come next month. >> did you misjudge him or did he mislead you, and at this point, isn't it clear that sanctions simply are not going to change his behavior? >> president putin is not a stupid man and i think recently acknowledged that this has already had an impact. >> but you acknowledge that sanctions won't change his behavior? >> jon, i think that's self-apparent. i think that -- there are no guarantees in life. generally. and certainly, no guarantees in foreign policy. >> reporter: the only sure thing in ukraine has been more conflict. just this week, pro-russian forces in the east went so far as to detain eight international observers. abc's muhammad lila. s
the nation," the president issues a new warning to russia over ukraine, and in the middle east, a surprised announcement from the palestinian side. is it an overture to restart the peace talks? we'll start there with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. we'll have the latest from ukraine and get the take on that from the administration and capitol hill. plus, former presidential candidate rick santorum on georgia's new gun law and a unique event in catholic church history. 60 years of news because this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs
harder for tougher sanctions, broader sanctions against russia, but not all of the european allies are going along with it. businesses are fighting back against that in europe as well. not enough consequence. he's not able to follow through in getting a new trade agreement with japan, you know, in a second term, in a world where america is one of many powers, the president can't just dictate an outcome. >> he cannot. and it does raise questions about his legacy given that he has a couple of years left. >> a couple years left. i think he's well aware of that but not going to stop pushing. one thing to watch for, does the united states start to push for a more direct targeting of putin himself? putin, personally, his own reputed personal fortune. >> right. that may be the next step and the next shoe to drop. but as you said, he has to get his allies on board. george, thank you. >>> george has a big show coming up this morning. his guests include new homeland security jeh johnson and massachusetts senator, elizabeth warren. >>> meantime, there are more stories developing overnight. he
on what's happening between ukraine and russia this morning. >>> also if you're looking for some cheap eats around the bay area, abbie from yelp will join us to explain where you can find meals for under $10. >>> we are live at oracle arena. >>> i suspect the nba is going to be deeply concerned in resolving this. >> president obama speaking out this morning about those highly controversial comments that have the clippers doing damage control. what the owner allegedly says that had top nba players demanding action. >>> this is the bay area's news station, kron4 news weekend starts now. >>> a big game today on the court between the golden state warriors and the l.a. clippers but it's off the court that's causing a lot of controversy this morning. some comments made by or alleged to clippers owner donald sterling. mike pelton has the latest on that. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. you can see oracle arena set and ready to go for the game at 12:30 this afternoon. some of the dance teams are on the court. all the seats covered with these t-shirts that fans will get today but
. >> and a taste in russia that's not always known for food. >> partly cloudy dry conditions expected for your afternoon. as the wet weather this morning begins to taper off a little bit later this morning. we are seeing a little bit of rain and up in some areas, i update those numbers and update the numbers coming up. >>> south korea's prime minister left 300 people missing or dead. many of the passengers were high school students. the investigation comes amid rising criticism of a government scandaling of the disaster. it's mostly symbolic because most of the power rests with south korea's president. 15 crew members have been arrested including the ship's captain. >>> this morning, a u.s. submarine scanning the bottom of the indian ocean for the malaysia jet. it's the 15th search for flight 370. may have been hurt on april 8th. malaysia is scheduled to make its report on that missing plane public next week. >>> president obama said the u.s. will continue to help in the search for the missing plane. the president made that announcement this morning after meeting with the country's prime mi
states and then the soviet union and now russia. all of this is interrelated. nevertheless, the united states is a big player in asia. the ukraine situation demands attention. vladimir putin is plotting his next moves. the united states has taken a tough stand, but putin isn't listening. we may have an economic war that gets deeper now, which will have pretty wide affects, and the president is trying to manage that very carefully. >> all right, david, appreciate the time. we'll talk with you in a little built to see what else you have coming up on "meet the press" this morning. >> thanks, erica. >> let's go to jenna for a look at the other stores this morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the latest on that ferry disaster in south korea. the country's prime minister announced his resignation today over the government's handling over the april 16th sinking. the tragedy has left more than 300 people dead or missing. >>> president obama was in malaysia today where he addressed the recent missing jetliner, saying the u.s. will continue to aid in its search. the president made t
here. the ukrainian army was no match for russia's power. it's hard to see how there could be any resistence for russians to show up on their door step. >> how does the situation of those prisoners in slovensk, with the consideration of what is happening in kiev. >> reporter: i think those who have been held hostage, there has been no military operation held on the ground. shortly before that the government announced phase two of its anti-terror operation, but that was never implemented. the young men said boldly they're going keep as many hostages as they can as long as their town is surrounded by government forces who they say came to slaughter their town it is certainly a huge hiccup. it's not just about slovenesk, but there are other towns where they tried to take over the government buildings, they didn't succeed, but the people are angered and hardened, and you have that all over eastern ukraine at the moment. the reason there is no military operation is because of these who are held and any move by the government could put their lives in jeopardy. >> thank you very much. so
spikes. [male announcer] glucerna... >>> russia has not lifted a finger to help. in fact, there's strong evidence that they have been encouraging the kinds of activities that have been taking place. >> that's president obama there speaking in malaysia overnight. the president said the world is united against russia in its actions against ukraine. >> the tension between kiev and pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine it is heating up. russian state news is claiming kiev mobilized 15,000 troops in the suburbs of slavyansk to, and this is a quote, wipe out the city and its residents. >> on the russian side of the border there are 40,000 troops conducting military exercising according to moscow. cnn's phil black is live in kiev. are the claims of what's going on on the border in slavyansk true? >> reporter: we've certainly seen a buildup of the ukrainian military over the last week or so. we can't say for sure whether this 15,000 figure claim is true. we haven't seen anything to support that. we have seen more ukrainian military, set up more roadblocks around the town of slavyansk. defin
to release the o.s.c.e. delegation, at least the foreigners. >> president obama said that russia has not lifted a finger to help. economic sanctions should be enough to start a deescalation. >>> south korean prime minister chung hong-won is standing down, taking responsibility for the ferry disaster. the president has accepted the resignation. anger at the government response to the disaster led to the resignati resignation. >> reporter: 11 days, days marked by grief, anger and recrim nation. the prime minister decided to take the fall. >> translation: the right thing to do is take responsibility and resign. on behalf of the government i apologise for many problems, from the prevention of the accident to the early hand lipping of the disaster. >> on the day after it went down south korea's president chut chunk in charge of the effort. supervising the multi-agency response and put him in the firing line. at one point when parents of missing children threw a water bottle and scuffled with him. and again when he stopped the car leaving the island of jindo. relatives were furious about t
in malaysia barack obama was thinking about crimea. he said russia should stop encouraging unrest in the east of ukraine, and there was brode support for sanctions to deter moscow. >> the motion that for us to go forward with sectorial sanctions would be the most effective deterrent. mr putin, i think, is factually wrong. we'll be in a stronger position to deter mr putin when he sees that the world is unified and the united states and europe is unified. >> inside ukraine, a team of negotiators is heading to the east. hoping to secure the release of their colleagues held by gunmen in slovyansk. the group of military observers have been detained since friday, as the leader of the pro-russian group suggests he would consider a prisoner swap. moscow would do norrees sanctions. the leader of a separatist group in the eastern city of slovyansk said me have detained three ukrainian intelligence officers. the me were captured in an overnight operation. russian media is reporting the group wanted to exchange the officers for separatists who are previously detained. hoda abdel-hamid joins me from donet
between russia and ukraine. >> and peter doocy is joining us live from washington, d.c. with all the details. good morning, peter, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you overnight the president said they need to place new sanctions on russia together as part of the unified effort because president obama says if this becomes the united states versus russia conflict, the impact of the sanctions won't be felt as much. >> oftentimes they are really interested in portraying this through this old cold war prism, when in fact that's not what the issue is here. the issue is respecting basic international norms of sovereignty and territorial integrity. >> reporter: as the conflict between ukraine and russia boils over, the underwater search for malaysia flights 370 continues. and even though millions of dollars worth of american time and equipment haven't produced any tangible results yet, top officials in malaysia are very grateful. >> on this journey, we are thankful for the united states and our friendship. over the past two months, the strength of our relationship has been
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sees the world is unified. >> the u.s. president sends another warning to russia to stop meddling in the east of ukraine. >>> south korea's prime minister resigns following criticism of the government's handling of the ferry disaster. >>> south africans mark 20 years of democracy, the end of apartheid - but how much much has things really changed? >>> two of the leading catholic popes of the 20th century have been declared saints in rome. this is the scene live. let's have a look there. that's the vatican, st. peter's square in rome. pope francis declared pope john paul ii and pope john xxiii saints at a special mass, which is under way. there, in the midst of everything going on is our correspondent for al jazeera. jonah. >> reporter: they are now officially saints, john paul ii and st. john xxiii, pope francis proclaiming the two late popes as saints using these words "we declare and define blessed john xxiii and john paul ii be saints, we enrol them among the saints decreeing they be veperrated as such by the search. that was the moment that the faithful came to see, watching i
survived when the polish state had been literally have l apart by russia and others. and that gave john paul ii a distinctive view of history. unlike those who imagine that politics drives history, or economics drives history or some combination of politics and economics drives history, john paul ii believes that culture drives history, and that the card of culture is religious faith. that's what he deployed in those remarkable nine days in june of 1979 when in a sense he restored back to the polish people their identity. the truth about themselves. and told them they'd find tools of resistance that tyranny could not match in that reclamation of their identity. and, of course, the solidarity movement was born 13 months later, and the revolution of '89 unfolded over the next decade. >> and he was such a -- >> so that distinctive polish experience of culture first. >> and he had such a connection with young people. i understand that we may have a picture -- yes, we do -- from poland. these images you're seeing from the vatican certainly being watched with keen into in john paul ii's nativ
when he sees that the world is unified. >> the u.s. president sends another warning to russia to stop meddling in the east of ukraine. and south africa since aparthe apartheid, how much has things really changed? >> but first hundreds of thousands of people are in st. peter's square in the vatican. there is the scene live as you can see cardinal there is making their way as they prepare to take part of a mass which is due to get under way just about now. well, al jazeera is there in the thick of it in vatican city. he joins us live now, and today is significant and historic, isn't it, jonah, in several ways. >> it certainly is activityic because two hope popes are being cannoneersed, and that has never happened before. pope francis presiding, but also attended by pope benedict xvi. this will be his most prominent public appearance since as we seek. the opening stages head of moments away, the canon indication ceremony itself. and in a short half hour or so pope francis will declare those two popes saints. on the altar they will be represented by relics of their lifetime. a vial of joh
the meeting, thank you very much, indeed. >>> well, while in malaysia president obama said russia should stop encouraging unrest in the east of ukraine. he said there was broad support for more sanctions to deter moscow. >> the notion that for us to go forward with sanctions on our own without the europeans would be the most effective deterrent in putin i think is factually wrong. we're going to be in a stronger position to deter mr. putin when we're unified and the united states and europe are unified. >> well, in ukraine itself a team of european negotiators are heading to the east. they hope to secure the release of their colleague who is are being held by pro-russian groups. the lead of the pro-russian groups said he would consider a swap with prisoners in kiev. and facing further sanctions from seven of the world's richest countries, some of which could come in less than 24 hours. >>> to syria now which has until the end of sunday to hand over its remaining chemical weapon stock pile under the terms of an international deal. they will be destroyed on a ship in the mediterranean. the chem
in ukraine as the west prepares new sanctions for russia. american soldiers are head today eastern europe. today, the u.s. deployed 150 troops to lithuania. they will be ready if the conflict spills beyond the borders. america is sending 600 troops to that region. meanwhile in eastern ukraine, gun men are proposing a prisoner swap. russians accused them of spying. their captors say they will exchange them for jailed pro-russian activists. the latest from donetsk >> reporter: on both sides in eastern ukraine, funeral are becoming political events. this time, it was probe russian separate tests laying one of those their heroes to rest in the town of slovyansk. lubanits killed by ukrainian soldiers two days ago, now a martyr for his cause. >> long live lombas. ukraine is with russia >> it's in slovyansk that the military observers are beingheld by pro-russian gun men who said .1 way they could be released would be in an exchange for the government in kiev which is holding a number of pro-activists >> they have always been coins of exchange. it's an international practice to swap prisoners. t
sanctions against russia as pro- russian forces are holding captive an eight-member team of european observers in slavyansk tonight. as holly williams reports, they show no sign of backing down. >> reporter: in slavyansk today, the town's new separatist mayor, vyacheslav ponomaryov, took questions about the european observers his men are holding. what exactly are the accusations against the inspectors? >> reporter: he told us all of them are suspected of carrying out intelligence gathering in separatist territory. in other words, they're accused of being spies. slavyansk has been under the control of pro-russian separatists for more than a week, but taking foreign prisoners is something new here and could be a sign that the militants are running out of patience. after the press conference, we asked if we could see the inspectors and were told no. are the men that you've detained, are they safe? are they being treated well? "yes," he said. "you don't need to worry." ukraine's government and the u.s. accuse russia of aiding this insurgency and new russian military exercises just over t
russia insurgents. special police with armored vehicles setting up road blocks and inspecting vehicles this saturday as tension mount there. president obama is in malaysia but he's preparing for tougher sanctions against putin coming as early as monday. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl asking the president will those sanctions really change anything president putin is up to. >> reporter: good evening, david. with the prime minister of ukraine accusing russia of trying to start world war 3, president obama has tried to turn up the heat and brokered a deal with the european leaders to slap another round of sanctions on russia. it was a lavish welcome for president obama in malaysia but president obama is now ratcheting up the pressure on president putin. another round of sanctions coming as soon as monday will hit cronies near putin's inner circle. the russian economy is already paying a price. s & p cut russia's credit rating above junk bond status and investors have pulled 70 billion dollars out of the country since the beginning of the year. >> president putin is no
donbas. ukraine is with russia. long live donbas >> it's also in slovyansk that the european militariary observers are being held by pro-russian gun men who said .1 way the observers could be released would be in exchange for the governments of kiev holding a number of pro-russian activists >> prisoners have always been pawns to exchange during times of war. it's an international practice to swap prisoners. there is nothing scary about it. >> this is the administration center in donetsk, and as you can see, there is no sign of pro-russian groups are giving up their control. their barricades are still up. let's go over here and see the other side of life in the east because for most people, things are going on as normal. they might be ang. they are keeping to themselves. >> that's the same not just in donetsk but across eastern ukraine. >> kiev, they were marking a grim an accompanies re, 28 ye s years. it was event did on the eastern border that occupied the politicians who came to this event. >> translator: if russia continues its aggression and ignores decisions made during negotiati
's news headquaters. >> topping the news this hour, tougher sanctions against russia could be coming in a matter of days as pro-russian separatists in ukraine are holding them hostage. >> and there's controversy swirling around the owner of one of the nba teams. have you heard about this? disturbing audio recordings have come to light. >> plus a public out cry. why labor unions are lashing out at the obama administration while protestors rally in the nation's capitol. >> we begin with the high profile presidential trip to asia dominated by the crisis in ukraine as well as tension with north korea. president ball balm in asia today becoming the first u.s. leader to visit the country in nearly half a century. it's the third stop on his tour of asia aimed at building closer tie with the u.s. allies in the region. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live from malaysia with more, ed. >> good to see you. you're right. the first u.s. president since lyndon johnson to visit this asian nation. they would love to talk about the good will here, trade ties. a big steak dinner for the pre
round of u.s. sanctions meant to punish russia, something the president's already teed up. listen. >> what i do know is that sanctions have consequences on russia. and if mr. putin were primarily interested in making sure that russia is a strong, driving nation for years to come, he's a lot better off abiding by the agreement that we came up with in geneva, resolving the situation in ukraine peacefully. >> now, republicans like john mccain say they've heard this from the president before and nothing has stopped putin. mccain saying, quote, hollow threats are worse than silence. now is the time for more decisive actions. the united states needs to expand sanctions to major russian banks, energy companies and sectors of its economy such as the arms industry which serve as instruments of putin's foreign policy. that from republican john mccain. the big question is going to be whether european allies like angela merkel, the german chancellor, they say they're mathewing forward with their own sanctions. but they've said it before and they weren't tough sanctions. so the president when
against russia. european xdiplomats are said to have an emergency meeting on monday. they are talking about deescalating tensions on the ground. secretary of state john kerry and his continuerpart spoke on the phone and asked to stop ukrainian actions against pro-russian demonstrators. the prime minister cut short a trip to italy because of the tensions in the east. >> russian military aircraft, today at 9:00 crossed and violated ukrainian airspace for seven times. russian aggression has its aim to undermine the global security and global stability to redraw the lines and to revise the consequences of the second world war. >> also, from moscow, promising to help release european monitors in eastern ukraine. more on that >> reporter: on both sides, funerals are becoming political events. this time, it was pro-russian sep rat te separatists laying a hero to rescue in slovyansk, killed by ukrainian soldiers two days ago, now a martyr for his cau cause. ukraine is with russia. long live donbas. >> it's also in slovyansk that the observers are being held by pro-russian gunmen who said one
. >>> and president obama visits a country tormented by a missing plane but russia is becoming a major distraction for the president. what the president is saying about all of it. >>> let's begin in washington. president obama is out of town on his four-country tour of asia. but the crisis in ukraine is moving very quickly. and we're learning new details about what the u.s. and other countries plan to do next. erin mcpike is at the white house even though the president is traveling. so, erin, what is the latest on the u.s. response to the situation where ukraine and russia? it continues to bubble. >> basically it's simply more sanctions. although we haven't seen a deterrent effect yet as we've been talking about today we did see a russian aircraft enter ukrainian airspace overnight. the state department is insi insisting that it's working. i want to play for you something that jen psake said yesterday. >> we are seeing an impact. we've seen even president putin admit this week that there is an impact on the russian economy from the steps we've taken. >> and the united states has been trying to con
into and violated ukrainian airspace last night. russia has denied violating the airspace. >>> back in this country, the nra finds itself in a dogfight this year. it's being challenged by a new antigun lobby backed by billionaire michael bloomberg. but the nra and about 70,000 supporters meeting in indianapolis this weekend aren't flinching. executive director pierre says the organization faces a do or die challenge. >> we trust in our freedom, and in an uncertain world, surrounded by lies and corruption, there is no greater freedom, believe me, than the right to survive, to protect our families, with all the rifles, shotgun shs a shotgun, and handguns that we want. >> the nra invite prod gun politicians to address the convention. among them senator marco rubio and governor bobby jindal. >>> tonight sarah palin. >>> all right. police in millford, connecticut, are investigating the stabbing death of 16-year-old girl. sanchez died after being slashed in the neck, chest, and face in a school stairwell. she was set to attend her prom that night. a classmate is under arrest and faces a murder charge. >>
has imposed a fresh new round of sanctions on russia to take effect monday. nbc's peter alexander is in kuala lumpur with more. peter? >> reporter: craig, good day to you. president obama arrived here this saturday, the first american president to come to malaysia since lbj in 1966, nearly 50 years passing since that time. he was welcomed with a red carpet. he was greeted during a state dinner by the malaysian king, who thanked president obama and the americans for their continued support and efforts to find mh-370. that jetliner that's been missing now for more than a month, an investigation that's confounded folks in this country for that period of time. tomorrow, president obama will be a part of a news conference with prime minister in this country, where he's likely to be asked a series of new questions about the status of sanctions against russia. on saturday, american leaders alongside g-7 leadership insisted they will impose new sanctions on russia as a result of its failure to crackdown on separatists in eastern ukraine. the white house says those new sanctions could come
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